Monday, June 17, 2002

Wow, I should hit more often, as I managed to come across a two-for-one deal for conservative rhetoric. First we have the typical "Invade, Kill, Convert" line, which isn't particularly surprising for the increasingly crusade-oriented American right. What makes Kathleen Park's column so interesting, however, is that she somehow manages to tie that into a different article about the Catholic Church and the molestation issue.

Now, it should be pretty obvious that the whole "it's because some of the priests are homosexuals and every homosexual is a pedophile waiting for his chance" line is completely discredited, as a cursory examination of both the disease (which attracts people to children, gender not being that much of a factor) and the situation (men coupled with young boys) would seem to indicate. It also seems to be a reemergence of the naive belief that the only people who ever engage in homosexual activity are out-and-out gays, but I don't expect well-researched or thought-out material on sites like this anyway. What I expect is what I got: ludicrous rhetoric that only reinforces my belief that conservatives need a lot more examination, criticism, and rebuttal than they're getting.

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