Monday, June 10, 2002

The Privateer, not a big fan of my site (or, apparently, the moderate stance of the U.S. State department) has apparently decided that a new report from is proof positive of the BBC's bias. Sadly, a quick exploration of their archives shows that Honestreporting themselves are hardly the picture of fair and unbiased reportage and scholarship. The report itself is also extremely flawed, using a bogus "methodology" that quotes a litany of particular incidents instead of any attempt at examination of systemic anti-Israeli biases. Some of the attempts to prove bias were also suspect in-and-of themselves: honestreporting admitted that the definition of the term "terrorist" is controversial, and then proceeded to adopt the definition that best fit their own position and berated the BBC for not doing the same.

While a scholarly examination of bias in the BBC would be a useful exercise (similar to the kinds of examinations that FAIR excels at), honestreporting doesn't seem to even want to bother. Sorry, Privateer, but you should pick your sources more carefully.

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