Friday, June 07, 2002

Environmentalism, Enron, and Terrorism; I can just imagine how the usual suspects are going to interpret Krugman's latest column.

Well, threats to ideological purity aside, I really liked this line:

But because the administration continues to listen only to the usual suspects, that window of opportunity is closing fast. And bear this in mind: Whatever he imagines, Osama bin Laden can't destroy Western civilization. Carbon dioxide can.

Anti-environmentalists usually argue that the odds are pretty slim that our CO2 emissions can be responsible for global warming. If they're right and the environmentalists are wrong, then the most we might lose from conservation is a few years' worth of growth. (Nonsensical Galt articles about having to turn off all our appliances aside). If they're wrong and the environmentalists are right, then we've just doomed our sorry asses. Somehow, I think most people would be willing to give up some growth in their 401(K) for a little peace of mind.

(That is, if hired-gun "scienticians" weren't muddying the waters so much).

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