Sunday, June 09, 2002

By the way... I think my point has been adequately proven. Unless I discover that Jane's post is in turn responded to with equal length and severity by a member of the "left-wing echo chamber" that is.

I think, if such a thing ever became necessary, that I'd be willing to sacrifice the validity of a throwaway sentence in a short entry in order to prove the fundamental argument that my site is built on. Thanks, Jane.

Edit: Or perhaps not... my little anonymous comment-writing friends (as well as the contrarian posters on Galt's comment section) seem to point at a much more complex situation that I had first thought. There's no denying that Jane's site is far, far better known than mine (one of the reasons I was so surprised she even deigned to respond to me) and therefore would be more likely to prompt public responses to her posts, and there's also no denying that many of the responses are positive, but the situation is, as usual, more nuanced than the simple "libertarians run the show" argument. I'm still awaiting that lengthy rebuttal, but I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised.

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