Saturday, June 22, 2002

As I said earlier... nine months, and this is what we've been reduced to... ignorant diatribes about Islam that betray not only a shocking ignorance of the history of Christianity, but world religion in general. Obviously Privateer doesn't know much about the period in which his namesakes were popular, because it was a period where criticizing Christ could not only get you killed, but you could be tortured horribly if even the suspicion of heresy (or being on the wrong side of the Catholic/Protestant divide or even being part of the wrong sect within those divides) visited itself upon your head.

I shudder to think about what people would say were Privateer to act so ignorantly about Judaism. Actually, I know exactly what they'd say, and it's pretty obvious that the dividing line between this:

But Islam at its core—fundamentalist Islam—is evil, evil, evil. Adding a bunch of saints and other fluff, as Sufism does, largely dilutes this, and brings in positive elements.. but its core is rotten in a way that Christianity and Judaism and Buddhism and Hinduism are not.

...and anti-Semitism is only the religion that is being degraded. After all, Judaism is the religion of the Old Testament, which ignores the light and grace and sacrifice of Our Lord Christ... so perverted in its ignorance that it actually convicted its own Savior because he believed that all could be Saved, right?

My original post was in some respects mocking, but I didn't believe that Privateer actually believed any of this... I had thought that it was just rage against the bombings like File13's, and perfectly justifiable and understandable. It would appear that I was more right than I knew, and that despite his pathetic bleatings about being "politically incorrect", Privateer is, at least right now, as worthy of my contempt and scorn as any foaming "columnist".

Right now, I'm not even angry. I'm just somewhat disappointed.

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