Monday, June 17, 2002

I was tempted to post a detailed rebuttal of Den Beste's entry concerning Iraq, the War on Terrorism(Islam), and his contempt for diplomacy, but instead I think I'll just pull a choice quote:

Colin Powell is a good man; he's intelligent and disciplined and, unfortunately, seems to lack the will to fight. He showed that in the Gulf War, too. I respect him deeply. There are times and places where men like Powell are invaluable, but when you're fighting World War III, men like that are an impediment... [w]hat we need now is someone harder, less affable, a bit more ruthless, a bit less pliable, a bit more frank, a bit less concerned with hurting people's feelings, a bit more partisan, a bit less understanding, and a bit more willing to say no to "friends".

(emphasis mine).

What more is there to say, really? Paging Dr. Strangelove....

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