Thursday, June 06, 2002

I discovered by following my referrers that N. Z. Bear came out with a list of lefty bloggers today. Nice stuff, and a list I'll probably come back to when I finally get around to updating my permalinks. I'm not sure about this characterization, though:

Demosthenes/Hegemon: Straightforward lefty commentary with a particular focus on refuting the CW of the libertarian/conservative blogosphere; insults light to nonexistent.

I'm not quite sure how to interpret this- "Straightforward" can mean a lot of things, and the Bear said that he was going to play nice today so it could be a veiled insult or a bass-ackwards compliment. I'm a pretty optimistic guy, though, so I'll assume the best. (I'll have to get cracking on this "insults light to nonexistent" thing, though. I've got a reputation to build!)

Anyway, thanks for the link, N.Z. Bear.

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