Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Tom Tomorrow gives, if not the smackdown, at least an excellent rebuttal to the right wingers who are insisting that the left's "statement of conscience" is nothing but treasonous Islamist-loving. By all means follow the link, but I like this particular paragraph:

Parenthetical note to my conservative friends, most of whom probably live nowhere near my home, the primary target of Sept. 11 and still the most likely city to be destroyed by a suitcase bomb at any moment--yes, I have heard about the war on terror. I'm just not eager to trade in every last vestige of my freedom for the illusion of security, and frankly, living where I do, my money is where my mouth is.)

When a New Yorker starts asking these questions, it's pretty serious. Nice point about the "illusion of security"... after all, isn't the whole problem with analysis, not information gathering? If so, then why enhance information gathering through arrests and interrogation of dubious constitutionality when there's little to no chance that it'll be properly interpreted anyway?

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