Thursday, June 13, 2002

Here's an interesting factoid that came up on the Rittenhouse Review that bears thought...

Epstein’s remark came, appropriately enough, after Carlson asserted “liberals” believe the big story yesterday wasn’t the arrest of suspected terrorist Jose Padilla (a.k.a. Abdullah Al Muhajir), but instead the purported violation of his civil rights.

“You make things up, Tucker. Nobody said that,” Epstein charged in a moment of brutal and withering honesty. Good show, mate.

Now that's not entirely true... Atrios has been asking questions about that for a while, questioning whether it mightn't have been smarter to have followed the obvious stooge and why he hasn't been within shouting distance of a lawyer yet, despite his citizenship.

Could it be that Tucker Carlson is a big reader of Eschaton, of all things? Quelle surprise!

Well, if he should decide to link over here, I'll just take a moment to say "Hi" to Tucker. Hope you enjoy the blog.

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