Thursday, June 27, 2002

Is Bill Safire getting dizzy from all the spinning he's doing on behalf of the Bush "peace plan"?

I may not exactly be the "advantage:blogosphere" type, but Den Beste (among others) figuring out what's really going on compared with Safire's incredibly silly boosterism makes me wonder whether the right people are in the right positions here.

Edit: ok, actually, I do have to agree with one thing that Safire does: he makes a distinction between the "small minority of terrorists" and the Palestinian people as a whole. While the latter group may currently support the former, they have extremely divergent interests, and I doubt the Palestinians are going to retain much patience for the Hamas veto if and when peace talks start happening again sometime soon. After all, it's exploiting those differences of interests that is at the heart of the "pound 'em until they submit" style of diplomatic negotiation; sooner or later there will be enough Palestinians in danger who aren't willing to blow themselves up that they will throw up their hands and cry "hold, enough".

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