Sunday, July 28, 2002

Well, now.... this is an interesting analysis. Dick Morris is arguing that the Republicans are in deep trouble down the road, because the "immigrantization" of the United States shows no sign of stopping, and the Republicans have had very little luck attempting to convert immigrants to their cause. (Not surprising... even without the constant questions about out-and-out racism, their policy choices are rarely immigrant-friendly to anyone but the most blinkered GOP partisan). To correct this trend, Morris suggests...

Powell in 2008.

Yes, Powell.

Now, I'd be the first to want to see an African-American president- such a thing would be a real sign that the racial divide is finally healing, and a real signal by the GOP that they're willing to put aside their past. If, indeed, it is their past. Unfortunately, it's not going to happen- Powell is being demonized too much by the right for the party faithful to ever accept him as their candidate- the open loathing of the State department pretty much eliminates the possibility of any candidate with a past as Secretary of State.

So if Morris is right, then the GOP is pretty screwed, because Powell ain't going to get that nomination. Then again, considering their pet neo-con wankers obviously haven't learned their lesson about Big Lies, I'm not exactly going to shed tears when they go.

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