Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Oliver Willis adroitly and succinctly answers the Kaus alarmism about the newly emergent and assertive liberalism:

For eight years we heard about "Bubba" and how he and Hillary had supposedly killed dozens of people, Rush Limbaugh offered daily nightmare scenarios of how liberalism was destroying our great nation (and continues to this day through outfits like the GOP mouth-organ Washington Times) - but now that the right is in power we shouldn't give as good as we got? Bulls**t.

Namby-pambyism died with a 5-4 vote.
I could quote everybody else tearing him a new asshole, but I think Oliver summed it up more than well enough. It's always a pity (as a liberal) to watch a liberal turn to conservatism; it's even more so to watch that same shift render someone seemingly incapable of rational thought. Kaus has gone from interesting to alarming to simply somewhat embarassing.

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