Wednesday, July 03, 2002

All of a sudden I feel really dirty, knowing that I use the same template as PejmanPundit. Thanks to this little screed, (which shows more erected strawmen than a month of Horowitz columns), I now have significantly less respect for any community that accords this writer a measure of success and respect. I have no doubt that were the sides to be reversed here (as I have suggested for that earlier letter) the Old Testament-style wrath of the LiberCons would descend upon the poor writer quickly and brutally.

Then again, I am no doubt one of the people he was talking about. After all, I've been talking about how the left should grow a backbone and realize that the right considers them unAmerican and calls them enemies, and should stop bending over backwards to accomodate those that (as Horowitz so eloquently states) hate them and call them evil. God forbid the left should engage in the same tactics and strategies that the right takes for granted. What does that come under, Pej? Strawman #9? #13?

In any case, take heart, fellow liberals who happen to be reading this. Screeds like this aren't motivated by hate, or contempt, or amusement, or anything like that. They're inevitably motivated by one thing: fear.

Must be jarring, having to finally deal with a real opposition that doesn't roll over and bare its neck when you start shouting at it.

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