Wednesday, July 24, 2002

I wonder how long it'll take before even the right-wing bloggers start distancing themselves from David Horowitz? I mean, a quick glance of his latestentry confirms that either he's off the deep end or engaging in as much demagoguery as he thinks he can get away with- either way, he isn't exactly a useful ally. Kind of an embarrassment, really, to be associated with a man who thinks that TIPS doesn't go far enough, that anybody who is remotely sympathetic to the Nation of Islam or against the idea that they are terrorists should be under constant surveillance, that McCarthy was fully justified in his actions (because those who were leftists were "whole hearted sympathizers with [the Soviet] agenda, therefore dangerous", and, well...
The aura that surrounds the McCarthy era now, which casts it as a time of civil liberties violations rather than a time when a subversive network of ordinary Americans plotted against its own country in a time of war, speaks volumes about the danger of having our universities and schools dominated by their ideological descendants and their fellow-traveling defenders.
It is cast as a time of civil liberties violations because that's what it was; it's hardly the opinion of simply the universities, but pretty much everybody who isn't foaming at the mouth about "reds under every bed". Which, I suppose, would eliminate Horowitz himself.

(I'd mention that he Godwinned himself, but that goes without saying.)

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