Friday, July 26, 2002

Ben Shapiro is an obnoxious little turd.

I'm not normally inclined to such hyperbole, but how the hell else is one supposed to respond to comments like "One American soldier is worth far more than an Afghan civilian", others that imply that all Afghans are terrorists, and the laughably outrageous conceit that the bombing of the wedding party was fine because American rules of engagement are unquestionable? And how does he reconcile that with the fact that the same sort of moronic mistake killed Canadian soldiers as readily as Afghani civilians?

Or, for that matter, the unbelievable ignorance of a statement like this?

The Afghans tolerated and supported the Taliban for years, no matter what President Bush says. A group doesn't conquer 95 percent of a country unless it has some support among the populace. The Afghans are fundamentalist Muslims. They didn't seem to mind too much that their women were treated like dogs or that the Taliban enforced Shariah (Muslim law). So frankly, it doesn't matter to me if some of their "civilians" get killed for involvement with the enemy.

I'm the one who's been defending the concept of national sovereignty, and even I can't justify this kind of nonsense- Afghanistan is about the best example of a failed and illegitimate quasi-state that the modern world has yet produced, and yet this nasty little twerp justifies blowing up weddings based on that?

(I'm not even going to get into the idiocy of a statement like "Twenty-three Israeli boys, the proportional equivalent of 1,000 Americans..." which manages to degrade and devalue the lives of not Afghanis, butAmericans.)

Townhall needs to pull this puerile brat from their site now, if they wish to retain any level of credibility outside their own worshipful believers. It's patently obvious he's just mouthing conservative nostrums and ratcheting up the rhetoric in a desperate attempt to seem worthwhile against his better-known and better-written compatriots. It's embarrassing to look at, and annoying to contemplate that somebody might actually believe this load. Horowitz would be preferable.

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