Friday, July 19, 2002

Those complaining about the ignorance of others should probably be careful not to demonstrate it themselves. Case in point? Natalie Solent complains about the lack of historical knowledge on the part of the British. What she blames, however, is interesting:

history, geography, economics and social studies (especially social studies) in a big undifferentiated stew called "humanities"
Last I checked, Geography and Economics are both part of the Social Sciences, not the Humanities, and I haven't the faintest clue where she got the idea that the Humanities has absorbed Social Studies (which would logically be part of the Social Sciences). I mean, I can understand the complaint by some that the Social Sciences aren't real science, but I'm pretty damned sure they aren't part of the humanities. Among other things, the epistemological underpinnings are different.

Not that I have anything against Natalie, understand, but "the kids, they don't know nuthin' nowadays" arguments should really be carefully considered.

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