Friday, July 19, 2002

Every time I think "no, the hardcore anti-Islamic warbloggers can't actually mean what they say", I end up reading something like this. It's an article citing three radical Muslims who go on about fighting the corrupt west and the power of Islam and the usefulness and moral value of suicide bombing... you know, the usual stuff. You've read it before. You'll read it again.

Don't get me wrong. I have little sympathy or love for Islamic radicals, although it's interesting that LGF appears to believe that these people are somehow representative of all or even most Muslims. LGF itself isn't especially nasty, either, only pointing out that Martyrdom is important to Islam (and it somehow isn't to Christianity?) and therefore is a "death cult" (an obvious attempt to harness the rhetoric used against the Palestinians these days to make the entire Islamic religion culpable), and that there was a telethon supporting the Intifada in Saudi Arabia (which is a valid point, although it probably have more to do with the perception that the Intifada is effective and a desire to show solidarity rather than any specific love for the tactics on the part of average Saudis.)

No, what shocked me were the comments:

"if these fucking freaks want to die so much please, please, please, can't we just do it."

"I have yet to see a more compelling example of why these guys should be helped along to paradise and their 72 virgins as quickly as possible."

"This is a cancer that will continue to spread until it is killed. Can't we do some surgery?" (this was a popular analogy, by the way, used by authoritarian governments in South America killing off those they thought were communists or leftists.)

"This type of ideology can be easily cured with a daisy-cutter."

"These guys want to go to the afterlife. I say, let's send the there, ASAP."
And, of course, the grand poobah:

Let's see - we have a group of "repressed martyrs" fighting to "restore" a country that NEVER EXISTED in the history of the world, a group of religious nutbars that think that every square inch of soil ever occupied by the forces of Islam belongs to THEM forever, a bunch of people around the world holding public celebrations whenever one of their blessed "martyrs" kills a few dozen women and children (and let's not forget their joyous celebrations as the WTC towers fell). Oh, yeah, I almost forgot the slavers in Somlia and the Sudan. What to they all have in common?

The next time someone gives me that line about Islam being a "peaceful religion," I'm going to barf in his shoes. As soon as I finish kicking his ass. These people need to die, soon. Let's send them to Allah, and their 72 dark-eyed virgins, ASAP.
Lovely stuff, isn't it?

Over three thousand people died in the bombing at the World Trade Centre, a bombing that was masterminded and carried out by one group: Al Qaeda. It was not the greatest tragedy in history or the worst attack in the history of warfare, but it was unexpected, and brutal, and spectacular, and it was motivated by an alien sentiment that most westerners find baffling and frightening. It was also an attack on the United States, a country that thought it was safe on its continent-sized Island. For this attack on three thousand, people are now calling for the death of millions, if not billions. I supported Afghanistan (although I keep hearing that it failed miserably), but I can't support that. That's not justice or vengeance. It's simply thirst for blood, thirst for death, and the frightened desire to wipe "them" out in order to protect "us". I only hope that the government and the military have a better understanding- both of your average Muslim, and of how to protect the United States without resorting to genocide.

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