Friday, July 26, 2002

Thus I refute Coulter.

It is in and of itself rather telling that an article that says "all liberals are dumb" is in and of itself based on moronic chop-logic, baseless strawmen, and ludicrous generalizations.

And by the way, Krauthammer, not all liberals think that conservatives are evil. We do, however, think of some of them as selfish, venal, simpleminded, inclined towards misrepresentation or outright falsehoods in the construction of their arguments, too in love with a nonexistent past, and too attached to a simplistic and insulting notion of human relations and human behaviour. And, in your case, I imagine most liberals think of you as a moron who took Churchills line about Socialists at 20 and 40 and made a half-assed attempt to write a column about it that only embarrasses yourself and your ideological cousins.

(Why can't all conservatives write trash this lame? It'd certainly make our jobs a lot easier.)

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