Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Suggestion for Canadian Progressives...

Ezra Levant is a toad of a man, and not much of a writer. I've seen better conservative blogs from the 2002 "I think Instapundit is a god among men" crew, and they were worthless to a man.

Yet here's the thing... Ezra has comments. By and large, there's precious little in said comments except attaboys from Conservatives.

Isn't turnabout fair play? Perhaps he should be feeling the heat a bit himself?

Just a thought.

Edit: Case in point. Check this entry out. He's got a lovely phrase here about how the people that Kinsella wrote about in his book Web of Hate were "powerless kooks and eccentrics who don't actually pose a threat to anyone." Now, anybody who had read David Neiwert's entries about Liberal Fascism wouldn't DARE make this claim. Somebody would have no doubt pointed out the McVeigh connection, and the history of racist organizations' violence.

(Yes, freedom of speech does end at the point of personal violence. I wouldn't have such a bone to pick with Warren, BCL et al if they weren't clearly advocating the censorship of clearly political expression that falls far beyond that, to the point of even getting skittish about something as harmless and intrinsic to democracy as pseudonymity.)

(And no, I don't consider BDSM "violence" in that fashion, even if prudish li'l Warren does.)

Even if I disagreed with them, it's obviously a point where they can hit him, and hit him HARD. They could demonstrate that he doesn't care about the victims of racist violence, or the history of racist violence. Hell, you could discredit his knowledge of history itself; at one point, the Nazis that inspire these guys were themselves marginal.

Yet there's nothing but those attaboys. Now, I know for a fact that there are more Canadian progressives than there are conservatives. Voting patterns make that perfectly clear. And I also know for a fact that Canadians are online in large numbers. Statistics make THAT perfectly clear.

So where the hell are the Canadian progressives, exactly? And if comments are such a wearisome, dangerous weapon in the eyes of people like Warren, why aren't they taking advantage of the opportunity to use it themselves? Yes, he does moderate his site, and that does raise a lot of questions... so why not goad him, get him to "moderate" you, and thus prove that he's as averse to criticism as he pretends you are?

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