Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hefty Beatdown

So, yeah, Obama crushed Clinton in South Carolina last night. Not that we weren't expecting that. Accounts I've read suggest that he's now pulling in a ridiculous amount of money, too, as the grassroots supporters start thinking "we can win this thing!" and the more corporate types want to be seen as an early ally of an eventual president.

(Assuming that Clinton doesn't successfully annex Michigan and Florida because she wasn't honorable enough to take her name off the ballot and now wants to take advantage of it. Disgraceful).

Exit polls over at Kos suggest that Obama took pretty much every age/race demographic, except for your whiter seniors. Not tremendously surprising. What WAS surprising was that Bill was almost a bit of a negative, suggesting that his playing of the race card blew back onto his wife. Like I said, not a good night for the Clintons.

Kind of disappointing results for Edwards, though. I'm pretty sure he was expecting second, at least. Now I'm wondering if he'll bail out. He might not, hoping that he'll get a plumb job in an Obama administration by continuing to split the white southern vote off of Clinton, but the money has to be drying up somewhat at this point. We'll see.

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