Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bob Cesca Wants You to Make Up Your Mind!

He sez that it's time for progressive bloggers to choose a candidate.

So, er, ok. Maybe that's a good idea. Where's the meeting? I may have a bit of trouble attending. Will there be some kind of IRC chat? Possibly a mailing list? I'm not on Markos' supar-secrit mailing list, so they'll have to use a different one.

Unless he means that we should all choose DIFFERENT candidates. Which is ok, I suppose, but I don't see how it's superior to the current situation. I mean, all that'll happen is that nominally neutral analyses will become factional rhetoric...

...oh, wait...

Even if we were to strike the war from the syllabus, we'd still be left with a choice between a once-in-a-generation, transformational candidate who's running parallel to our collective desire to remake the party, and, on the other side, a candidate who represents a species of Democrat that we've traditionally rejected. If the blogs choose to step out of the way on this one, they're forfeiting an historic role in the most historic presidential election of our time while the antiquated, embarrassing politics of DLC triangulation sneaks on by without a fight.

So yeah okay, there should be a parenthetical in my headline that reads, "(Preferrably Senator Obama.)"
...yep. Thought so. It's kind of hilarious that the a piece decrying neutrality exposes, vividly, why people have made the decision in the first place. Because if you want to discuss the race, instead of advocate in the race, you risk your credibility by acting like an obvious shill.

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