Thursday, January 31, 2008

Guess Who Else is Socrates?

Jonah? Meet Warren! Apparently he agrees with you about the whole "Liberal fascist" thing! Certainly he agrees with the form of reasoning that got you there. Check it out:
Dear Liberal Party:

The party that constitutionalized human rights 1982, and passed the Human Rights Act in permitting one of its Members of Parliament to dismantle the latter. (Or saying nothing, as he attempts to do so all on his own.)

Check out M-446, dear Liberal Party, which was slipped on the Notice Paper yesterday.

What say you, Messrs. Dion, Ignatieff, Rae et al.? Do you agree with this stunt? Not surprisngly, the Nazis do. (Strong Warning: racist and anti-Semitic content therein.)
Yep. That's right!

Keith Martin wants to make a motion.

The Nazis would also like to make a motion.

Therefore, Warren Kinsella is Socrates.

(And he's also Jonah Goldburg too, I guess. Poor bastard.)

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