Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sit Quietly! (And Share!)

I can't be bothered to educate you people today, so instead we'll watch a nice British educational programme.

There, now wasn't that enlightening?

Your homework assignment is to describe in detail all the reasons that resolving the Obama/Clinton dispute is ridiculously unlikely, focusing on the ways in which this primary's likelihood of selecting a President exceeds the calculation capacity of the entire country of Belgium.

Show your work.


Warren, come see me after class. You should know full well that if you don't show all the responses to the question of "should you have comments, like every other legitimate progressive blogger in the world", we have no way of knowing whether you're cherrypicking your responses, like some other naughty boy I won't name.

You also know very well that being able to prove such things is exactly why nice, responsible students like Matthew, Paul, Duncan and Markos.

Yes, I know you're afraid of naughty children messing up your nice little space, but there are creative ways of doing it. Dr. Cory wrote a really nice piece about it, and he has an absolutely wonderful space that everybody enjoys playing in. Teresa's got a few nice things to say about making a great space that people can play in too!

(Look up "disemvowelling" too, for extra credit.)

I know you're scared of sharing, Warren. You aren't used to sharing, and you're worried. I can understand that someone who spends so much time with such a nasty, mean-spirited crowd can be a little scared. But you have to learn to share, or else none of the grownups are going to take you seriously!

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