Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Obama's Media Positions

Pro-net neutrality? Pro-strong FCC? Anti-scaremongering on "TV violence"? Public ownership of the spectrum? PRIVACY protection?

Ok, I'm willing to forgive rather a lot of GOP-esque rhetoric if Obama really is as strong on media as Matt Stoller claims here.

Heck, it might even bring Krugman around, considering he thinks that the United States' technology advantage is well and truly over, thanks to the ridiculous state of Internet connectivity in the United States.

Edit: Matt kind of poo-pooed the whole TV violence thing, which I heartily support, but Obama's take on it actually makes sense, focusing on robust content tagging and close supervision of what kind of commercials go on children's programming. I'd say the latter is far more important than whether or not l'il Jimmy accidentally sees daddy play GTA4. Children's advertising is designed to influence them. If you're worried about negative influences, worry about that.

(Yes, this is a dated piece, but it's linked from this one on Clinton and the media's hostility to her. Thing is, I don't think the media is actually that hostile towards the woman. It's just that they've been sucked into the Obama vortex like everybody else.)

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