Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hey! No Fair!

I forgot to mention that the Yglesias piece stems from a piece by Mark Bowden on David Simon and The Wire called The Angriest Man In Television, where (essentially) Bowden protests that Simon is being too mean to nice newspapermen who were just doing the job they had to do.

Which, essentially, is "hey, no fair! You're not allowed to go after US!" except four pages long, in the Atlantic, and fueled by the fact that one of the people Simon is angry at is, er, Mark Bowden himself.

(Simon didn't like an early draft of the article, and how Bowden seemed to have been setting Simon up for a hitpiece by playing at being friendly when he had an ax to grind about how Simon dislikes old friends of his. Which is kind of a fair cop. I'd love to read that early draft.)

Anyway, it's not like I wasn't expecting this. I had been as soon as I heard that this fifth season was about the media. Who the hell wouldn't expect apologias and attacks from media hacks?

Just makes me want to watch it all the more.

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