Monday, January 21, 2008

Jonah Goldberg's Pantswetting Fear

If you look on Jonah's website, a tour-de-force of hilarious denial and circlejerking by conservatives desperate for some good news these days, one thing comes to mind: no comments.

And I can see why.

See, if you look at the typical entry on said site, you'll notice that Jonah is careful, ever so careful, to pick and choose only the most positive reactions to his books. Negative ones are either dismissed or caricatured. It kind of makes sense, because the book is--by all credible accounts--so ridiculously terrible that it almost beggars imagination. If he had to deal with an honest response, publicly, it'd be disastrous.

So he makes sure that such a venue Does. Not. Exist. on his site. Yes, it makes him look bad, just like it makes Sully look bad, makes Instapundit look bad, makes the NRO crew look bad, and makes Warren Kinsella look like a quivering, fearful jelly of a man, for all his posturing about pseudonymity.

But, honestly?

If you can imagine how horrifyingly destructive the alternative would be like, you can almost sympathize with the guy.

(As always, feel free to leave comments. Even you, Jonah, if you're not too busy being Socrates.)

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