Sunday, September 04, 2005

Steve, Hal, and the Cajun Dome

Steve Gillard linked to a Kos diary that describes what's going on Lafayette's Cajundome.

For those complaining about how FEMA is doing the best they can and that it's locals that are screwing things up:

I've been working an information table at the Cajundome for the past two days and it's amazing how little information we actually have to give them. FEMA, notably, has yet to appear on the scene even once, which raises questions like, why bother to have a federal emergency agency at all?? We hit capacity at the Cajundome before the end of Wednes night, and then we doubled capacity on Thursday, and now we're turning people away...

...I also hope heads will roll in the government for what's happened here this week. I agree that now's not the time for that, but there is no conceivable excuse for having let thousands of people preventably die on our shores. You can't imagine the shock in people's eyes as we explain again and again that there's still no federal agency here to help them, no state agency, only a handful of Red Cross workers and a bunch of utterly untrained volunteers.
This is intolerable, and yes, Bush gets the blame. As I said, it's his job.

(Besides, the DHS is his creation, isn't it?)

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