Sunday, September 04, 2005

It's "Blame the Locals" Day!

Quick everybody, get your flags and sparklers, because this is what Bush's America is really about.

Go read Josh to find out more, but I'll point out a problem: most of the complaints I've read that aren't propelled by the bullshit about "no declaration of emergency" are either that a) the Governor didn't let the feds take over securitization of the area and b) that the mayor could have bussed people out, but didn't.

Both of these, whether true or not, are irrelevant. Having the national guard impose order in NOLA was nowhere near as important as having the national guard (and, of course, FEMA) helping people to NOT DIE. Sorry, but the looters were a side-story. As for the mayor, he did bus people where the plans said they were supposed to go... the Superdome. Although the underlying economic issues that led to that becoming necessary are part of this, they aren't why people are blaming Bush.

For the last time- they're blaming Bush because of what happened AFTER. The days and days of waiting, and the arrogance of refusing help (even from Americans!) that could have saved lives.

Yes, he is to blame. He is the symbolic and functional head of an organization-the Department of Homeland Security-that failed in its task, and that carries responsibilities. As I've said elsewhere, it's PART OF THE JOB, and the main reason why the bureaucratic/political balance that is the American federal government can work. We know that the Governor asked for help, and we know for CERTAIN that the mayor asked for help, and we know that the DHS had the capability to do something, and they failed.

Shit flows uphill, Mr. President. Open wide.

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