Friday, September 16, 2005


this ain't me, but it's funny that the concept comes so easily to other people as well.

To be clear, though: Just like these fellows, I have no connection to Orson Scott Card, nor his work. I don't share political beliefs with him, and I'm not running any sort of complex scam. I merely wanted to use a pseudonym that reflected both on the value of pseudonymous debate and on political rhetoric in general.

Besides, Ender's Game was a brilliant book, and the two subsequent series had a lot of bright moments as well, even if the "Shadow" series had Heinlein-esque issues with conservative preachiness.

(This came up wayyyy back when I was having issues with ol' Steven Den Beste, but as the link to my first post that I had on the old site isn't on this one yet, I thought I should make things clear.)

What interests me, though, is that according to the google blogsearch, I'm about the only "Demosthenes" that stays pseudonymous. Not sure why that is.

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