Sunday, June 14, 2009

The US Needs to Keep its Distance

Andrew Sullivan is right in stating that the U.S. should make no overt move towards either condemning or endorsing what Ahmedinejad and his allies did. It would throw everything off, and serve as a means by which the faltering leadership can reunite itself with its angry citizenry.

I think Obama's savvy enough to understand that, too. Bush would have jumped in, because his tone-deaf, delusional neoconservative advisers would have counseled him to do so and he wouldn't have known any better. Obama's people are smarter, and so is he.

Meanwhile, what the hell is going on with western coverage of this story? The networks seem uninterested, and even a lot of otherwise-solid bloggers seem to be either keeping their distance or giving it one desultory entry and moving on to wrangle over DOMA or the public option or Larry Summers or whateverthehell. TPM has been really solid, as has Huffington and Sully, but when I signed off earlier, I had thought I'd return to an absolute blizzard of coverage.

I mean, you see something like this:

And, honestly, everything else just kind of fades into the background. Or so I thought.

Edit: Then again, the beating heart of this has been, of all things, a single Twitter hashtag: #iranelection. I'm not terribly fond of the whole premise of Twitter, and that whole 140 character thing is obviously not up my alley. But as a link farm, it's hard to beat.

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