Sunday, June 14, 2009

Michael Ledeen Remains Completely Useless

I tell you, the worst thing about this story is the right-wing idiots who think it somehow proves them right. Case in point: Michael Ledeen.

There ain't much here that ain't nonsense. Whining about people criticizing "neoconservatives" by using silent digs about how disagreement is anti-semitic, putting scare quotes around "reformer" like a tool, taking potshots at Roger Cohen for being the first to notice the "Green Revolution" (while Cohen risks his ass on the streets of Tehran, writing some of the best mainstream coverage out there)...

...and, as always, giving completely destructive advice.

Ledeen is castigating Obama for not having come out on the side of "Iranian Freedom." Ledeen should damned well know that if Obama had breathed a word about this in the Cairo speech, it would have served as a massive boost to Ahmedinejad's credibility and legitimacy. We wouldn't have even got this far.

Ledeen should also damned well know that if Obama pushes too hard now, it will make Iranians feel that the protesters are American tools, and not an expression of genuine Iranian outrage. He DEFINITELY should know that chattering about "the Mullahs" as a unit is demonstration of deep ignorance about how Iran works and the conflicts within its religious class.

But, then again, Ledeen has never given any indication that he knows anything. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

Meanwhile, check out the Roger Cohen piece. He knows what's going down.

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