Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bombing, Violence in Iran

...and the predicted vicious crackdown's started as a "response".

Mousavi's been quoted by a twitterer as "ready for death."

This is terrible.

(Or, alternately, its' been blamed on MEK, the neocon's pet terrorist group, to try to help associate the protesters with the West. It might even have been them, but I find that unlikely. This smells of a set-up.)

Edit: The Huffington Post says that it was quite possible that the state-run media announced that the bombing had happened before it took place.

These events, horrible as they are, do say something: the regime is weak, and the various factions within the iranian clergy might not be moving in Khamenei's favor. This is not the behavior of someone who is secure in his power. These are all desperation moves.

On the clergy's power here, , see Jonathan Lyon at Juan Cole's site.)

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