Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Never Mind The Fact That Mousavi Lost His Hometown

...or that Karroubi somehow managed to get less votes than he has campaign workers. No, according to these two jokers, Ahmadinejad legitimately won because they found one poll to cherry-pick that supports their position. And because he speaks Azeri well, he surely beat their native son, despite that not having any resemblence to previous results in the region.

According to the most recent Iranian figures—which are probably doctored to forestall critics—Karoubi still only won 5% of the vote in his province. Um, no.

Anyway, I'm sure Juan Cole will have a response up. Nico Pitney at Huffpo also doesn't find it particularly compelling. Me, I'm just not sure why these guys would write something like this, not now. "Get over it?" When Basij are gunning people down in the street? How deluded are you?

Edit: It was always possible that Ahmadinejad won. That's what's both bizarre and horrific about this mess—that they didn't need to do what they did. What I suspect is that the fix was in to the point that it didn't matter what had really happened. They were never going to bother counting those votes in the first place.

Re-Edit: Ah. If what I've read between the lines in this blog posting is true, This is about the anti-Rafsanjani faction leveraging its western allies. That's why the cherry-picked poll from "Terror-Free Tomorrow" is popping up in multiple places without cross-crediting. I imagine there's some intense email lobbying going on right now. Not that Phillip Weiss is one of those allies, he's just relaying a comment, but the comment being relayed speaks volumes.

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