Saturday, June 13, 2009

Iranian Monitor Also Says: "Rigged"; Rafsanjani Still Head of Assembly of Experts

More Sully:

Yes, the president of Iran's own election monitoring commission has declared the result invalid and called for a do-over. That is huge news: when a regime's own electoral monitors beak ranks, what chance does the regime have of persuading anyone in the world or Iran that it has democratic legitimacy? Second:

Stratfor is reporting that Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani, head of the Expediency Council, has resigned. Though unconfirmed, the report is saying that Rafsanjani is resigning from his position as head of the Expediencey Council, NOT his position as the leader of the Assembly of Experts, which has oversight responsibility over the office of the Supreme Leader and would be responsible for naming Ayatollah Khamenei’s successor.
I have little to add to this, except to note that the Assembly gives Khamenei his authority, so it would make sense that he wouldn't give up that position. Stratfor can be a bit dicey at times, this is likely accurate.

Nate Silver is also arguing that the infamous "chart" may not be impossible after all. He has a point, but his commentators are pointing out some rather questionable assumptions he made; he definitely had to do some backflips to make it possible. And he acknowledges that this only may justify "The Chart"; the problem of regional votes that Juan Cole brings up is acknowledged as very real, and very serious.

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