Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mousavi Arrested, Rafsanjani Resigns, Iranian Police Fleeing Demos

At least according to DKos, though keep in mind that that source has been off before:

UpdateII: Pyknet: Mousavi has been place under house arrest. He was arrested on his way to Khamenei's house. All communication has been shut off. Khamenei has issued a statement claiming that HE that he is leading this coup to SAVE the Islamic Government (Nezam)

Update: Sianat az ara (Protectors of Votes) Iran' Election Commission, have called the result fraud and are calling for new election. They pointed to the suspension of text messaging Thursday night and the disruption of phone service for the campaigns and pthers, and ballot shortages.
Sianat az ara is a group of election monitors chosen by the four candidates. Ahmadinejad campaign is rejecting the claim of fraud and dismissed the committee as pro-Mousavi.

It is almost 9:30pm in Iran. In the north (rich part) of Tehran, the curfew is being ignored.

Photos here. Mo' pix here.

Here's the video of the cops running:

This isn't going away.

Edit: Footage of police beating protesters on the BBC. Skip to a minute in.

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