Wednesday, June 13, 2007

While I Reload...

(This posting was a part of My Elves are Different's "Blog as if it's the end of the world" event. It is about a zombie invasion, and entirely fictional.)

One of the interesting little "quirks" of the current situation is that the clearinghouse dubbed this "event" "Blog Like It's The End of the World". As an acronym, that's "BLITEOWL".

It's no coincidence.

I don't know if the guys over at "My Elves Are Different" are going to tell you about what BLITEOWL, but I've managed to find out a few things, and apparently that codeword "BLITEOWL" means one hell of a lot more than they're letting on.

I'll let you know more a little later, but right now, my OICW airburst launcher is waiting.

My mistake. The acronym is "BLITEOTW". Not that this isn't all about BLITEOWL, but they didn't quite manage to make that codename an acronym.

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