Tuesday, June 26, 2007

At This Point, You Have to Ask a Question:

Is there anything, anything at all, that Dick Cheney isn't responsible for in Washington?

Yes, Becker and Gellman have more on the role, and power, of Richard Cheney. It can be summed up fairly easily: "The president is 'the decider,' as Bush puts it, but the vice president often serves up his menu of choices."

If you know anything about government, you know that real power lies in the latter position, not the former.

(Once again, it's pretty clear where the editorial insertions are to try to blunt the force of the story. That chatter about halfway through of "exaggerated influence" goes against the tone of the story, which otherwise emphasizes that you really can't exaggerate his influence.)

I'll leave the last word to digby:

"I'll never understand why they couldn't find a front man for Dick who wasn't a gibbering moron."

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