Thursday, June 14, 2007

And That's That

As almost everybody would have figured out by now, the preceding posts were part of "My Elves Are Different"'s Blog Like It's the End of the World event, and, of course, entirely fictional. I hadn't really tried my hand at anything fictional, and figured that it'd be an interesting exercise. I wanted to simultaneously keep the broad analytical scope that I try to employ when writing this blog, while applying it to a (relatively) plausible fictional setting. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Most people, of course, acknowledged that they were just playing. I thought I'd do something a little bit more straightforward, so that someone just dropping by might actually wonder whether or not this is serious. Get some of that Orson Welles action going on. Tomorrow, I'll be dropping a quick "this is fictional" note into each entry, just so that individual posts aren't confusing, and I've put the "zombie" label on each of them. I figured if anything prompted me to finally start using post labels, a zombie apocalypse would.

Thanks to MEAD for a great event and an interesting challenge.

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