Wednesday, June 13, 2007

London is Getting Worse. Edit: Ayinde is gone Second Edit: Ayinde's husband may have taken over

(This posting was a part of My Elves are Different's "Blog as if it's the end of the world" event. It is about a zombie invasion, and entirely fictional.)

(I'm moving the edits to the top)

Edit: Ayinde, sadly, appears to have passed away from a zombie attack. We didn't get to her in time. Her family still appears to be fine, though.

As I said on her own blog, any further entries by a "M. H. Ayinde" whether on that site or another are disinformation, and not to be trusted.

Second edit: There was a post by her husband. It appears to have come from the rooftop, though it's difficult to be sure considering how messed up telecommunications is right now. Right now it looks like British, American, and Lithuanian forces have the upper hand and are closing on the location, but it's difficult to say how this is going to turn out.

I'm hearing whispers that the Kremlin really, really wants that rooftop.

The battle over Ayinde is intensifying. The helicopter that she heard in her last comment was shortly shot down by an unidentified group using some kind of old Russian rocket system. How they managed to dodge the London zombies to even get that close, I can't imagine; British forces are doing a pretty good job of keeping the streets relatively clear, but it's still touch-and-go. We've got Russians, Americans, Brits, Chinese, and now even the Israelis duking it out near that school, although none of them are operating under their own flag.

(The only way that the people here know who they are is through weaponry and tactics. Even then, we're not sure if other powers might be posing in order to hide their involvement.)

The disinformation is intensifying, too. People, zombies can't and won't type. Any blog you see by someone purporting to be a zombie is disinformation. I have no idea why anybody would do that, and nobody here knows what power is behind a number of these; but it's disinformation nonetheless.

That information clearinghouse is still down, too. Not that they were ever tremendously useful, considering the volume of obvious BS they're letting through.

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