Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ayinde has been located

(This posting was a part of My Elves are Different's "Blog as if it's the end of the world" event. It is about a zombie invasion, and entirely fictional.)

Thankfully we got another comment by M.H. Ayinde. It looks like she's discovered her family and is holed up with them, but for some reason she can't get at her email. Not a big surprise; that exploitation I mentioned extends to a number of mailservers. Nobody here is even sure where MI6 stands anymore. They may have been compromised.

She's been located, and there are teams being sent to her location. She's been bitten, but if the rumors I'm hearing in this complex are true, that bloodied towel may hold the key to that as well. I'm honestly not sure; all my chips are long since cashed in, and the only reason they haven't ejected me is that I've proven pretty handy with a rifle.

What really worries me is that that DoD clearinghouse site appears to have gone dark. The posts are still there, but nothing's getting updated. I know it's supposed to be Australian or in New Zealand or something, but that thing was supposed to be manned around the clock. It's not.

Well, that, and the reports that others are starting to learn about Ayinde as well. DoD may not be the only ones after that damned towel.

Edit: Damn, she was bitten, and it looks like it's starting to take. Ayinde, if you can read this, they're very close. Just sit tight.

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