Monday, June 25, 2007

What the heck IS this babble?

Whatzisface seems to think that the iPhone is a Newton, and erects an absolutely fabulous strawman:

Let's conduct a spot quiz, shall we? Locate your cellphone. Examine it carefully.

Does it, like most cellphones these days, take wee photographs? Check.

Does it also have a browser, enabling you to surf the World Wide Web? Does it permit you to send e-messages? Check and check. Most mobile phones do that stuff, too.

Well, does it also play tunes, which you upload or download or somehow acquire? Provide calendar, contacts lists? Yes?

Congratulations! The ever-thoughtful editorial team at the National Post has just saved you $600 (U.S.), and a trip Stateside! You don't need any of the features found on the new iPhone --because you already have the features found on the new iPhone, and at a fraction of the cost! Spray-paint it black and squint at it: it's an iPhone! Yippee!
Yep. Apparently, there is absolutely no difference between all the stuff an iPhone does and what you get on a regular cell phone. If you can take pictures and have ringtones, that just about covers it.

Honestly, I think it says a lot about the Canadian media scene that this guy has a column while the only decent media columnist got moved to doing human interest nonsense. Memo to whatzisname: As long as you've got a paid bully pulpit, write about things that matter. Things like this. This ongoing wankery about the iPhone and "torture porn" and the eeevils of rap just shows why opinion columnists are held in open disdain these days.

Sorry, but her column was objectively better than yours, blogroll links to Robert McClelland or no.

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