Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Well, this is pretty twisted:

It may take them some time to regroup, to digest their prey, as it did after the first Pickering trial, but the next time they will be even bolder. The Lott turmoil was entirely manufactured by Democratic operatives — namely by unrepentant Clintonite James Carville, who first made an issue of the remarks the same night on Crossfire — and then pushed the story behind the scenes wherever they could, explaining to pundits and politicians how this could be used to sock it to the GOP.
I hadn't realized that Atrios and Josh Marshall both were actually Carville. The devilish bastard! He even went so far as to have this "entirely manufactured" incident get a lot of play on NRO itself!

Or, for the rest of us, it looks like NRO hasn't quite given up the "meet every accusation with a greater one" scheme from the Wurlitzer playbook.

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