Thursday, December 19, 2002

Heh. Looks like not all conservative organizations online are quick to blame Lott. While on a site called ChronWatch (which is a conservative watchsite for the San Francisco Chronicle), I came across a poll about Trent Lott.

The question was "Should Trent Lott Resign as Majority Leader?" Here were the choices:

Yes, damaged goods. Make life difficult for GOP (42.6%) 83 votes
Yes, Just not good enough for the job (18.5%) 36 votes
No, Byrd's comments just as bad (5.1%) 10 votes
No, This is all liberal selective moralism (12.8%) 25 votes
No, Demos are just race-baiting (21.0%) 41 votes

Notice something missing? The "Yes, he's a racist putz and a blight upon both the country and the party"? Yep, I noticed it too. It would appear that away from the prying eyes of liberal bloggers and the mainstream media, at least one group of conservatives ain't as ticked about Lott as the ones in the public eye. Not surprising, but very enlightening.

(And that doesn't even get into the choice of votes. Selective moralism, my ass.)

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