Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Edit: Screw subtlety. I wasn't actually originally going to post on this, but I like the show a lot and friends of mine are obsessed, so what the hell. If you watched or know someone who watches Firefly (or, for that matter, Buffy and/or Angel), you should know that IT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. However, Fox is allowing Joss Whedon to shop the show around, and he's in talks with other networks to pick it up. The example of the X-Files shows that loud action by dedicated fans *can* make a difference. Go here, get an address, send a postcard, and strike a blow for entertainment that doesn't insult the intelligent or appeal solely to people's lizard brains.

And by the way.. anybody with a blog who likes the show can feel free to plagiarize as much of this post as they wish, as long as they post on it. I'd call for one of those "blogbursts", but I doubt that enough bloggers have watched the show to make a difference. So I'll just ask them, and you, to assist in the fans' attempts to save what is probably the best show on television.

Y'know, I didn't think that Jay Reding and I had a damned thing in common. Turns out I was wrong.

Meanwhile, shows that don't assume their audience has actual functioning brains and show an ounce of creativity and life like Firefly get cancelled.

I can only hope that there is a very special place in hell reserved for television executives. Hopefully it involves watching dreck like Friends for all eternity while being dry-humped by prong-phallused sore-covered imps.
I doubt the imps would be necessary. Still, it shows what a damned good show Firefly is that it can bring even Jay and I together to shout out "Fox execs are utter bastards" in perfect and beautiful unison.

Of course, the Fox executives were only following the poor ratings. The cancellation of Firefly was really your fault. Yes, you. You, reading the blog. If you didn't watch Firefly, you were complicit in the cancellation of one of the best shows ever to hit the phosphors on a television set. It's a belaboured point, but the networks wouldn't keep on putting crap on the screen if we didn't keep telling them to do it!

Of course, it's not too late to redeem yourself.

On December 13, 2002 Tim Minear announced at Buffistas.org that FOX would be ordering no new episodes of Firefly. Later that same day, Joss Whedon announced that 20th Century Fox Television had indicated to him that they would be willing to air the show on networks other than their sibling company.

The current goal of Firefly: Immediate Assistance is to convince a network other than FOX to broadcast Firefly.

What do we need to do?
To achieve this goal, we need to do three things:

Write to networks and let them know that Firefly is available and has a strong fanbase.

Write to sponsors thanking them for their support of Firefly and asking them to support Firefly at its new network.

Make the press aware of our efforts and encourage them to discuss Firefly.
I don't have an amazon button or a paypal button. There are reasons for that, not all of my own choosing. If you were inclined towards supporting the site if such buttons existed, however, then I'll ask you to instead support something that I support, go to that site, get some addresses, and send a simple bloody postcard or two. It's cheaper, and you get to harass television executives. That is a good work that people of all political stripes can agree on.

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