Monday, December 09, 2002

Atrios on the liberal media:

The media is not liberal, and therefore the failure of the liberal media to address Lott's comments is not proof that liberals are racists, but rather proof that the liberal media is actually not liberal at all.

A few bloggers pontificating is, as usual, not evidence of anything other than a few bloggers pontificating. It certainly doesn't demonstrate that conservatives care about this more than liberals. While I appreciate the fact that many Righty bloggers have condemned what Lott has said, so of course have all lefty bloggers. No Republican politician has condemned what Lott said as far as I know, while a number of Democratic ones have. Once again, because you haven't heard it is not proof that Democrats don't care, but rather proof that the liberal media isn't bothering to report what they are saying. I've only seen one conservative non-blogger pundit, William Kristol, give a tepid condemnation to what Lott said while he has been defended by Bill Safire and Robert Novak (twice). Every liberal pundit that has been given the opportunity has. And, no, Stephanopolous, Russert, and Matthews do not count, because they, like the rest of the media, are not liberal and in fact to the extent that they *are* liberal they are not, contrary to popular belief, liberal when it comes to minority issues. Coverage of these issues is usually either utterly ignorant or of the "backlash" variety.

The fact that there isn't more buzz about Trent Lott's comments should make all of this clear.
Just in case that wasn't clear enough:



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