Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Ok, I buried this link in the entry below, but it deserves it's own entry. Somebody at the American Prospect, the Nation, or whatever should wake the hell up, buy, and reprint this. How can you argue with eloquence like this?

Some of Kristol’s readers know this, but many do not. And those who do not apparently are happy to wallow in their ignorance, pleased to view one of the Republican National Committee’s most reliable media mouthpieces as a brave and lonely voice against the alleged power, corruption, and nefarious influence of that straw man to end all straw men, the “liberal media.”
After Jim's lonely stand against the foul slavering hate of Little Green Footballs and the onslaught that followed, after his lengthy slandering at the hands of SDB and (through instapundit), the Echo Chamber in all its glory... he still has the stones and guts and wits to write brilliant and inflammatory pieces like this.

Maybe one of those Gamma girls has revealed herself after all.

Edit: a little bit of bad grammar there. Fixed.

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