Wednesday, December 18, 2002

"Penalcolony" on Atrios' message board about Bill's newfound guts:

It's said that the great jazz composer Jelly Roll Morton once faced off against Tony Jackson (composer of "Pretty Baby") in a piano-playing contest. Both were popular entertainers in the New Orleans of their time, with Jackson enjoying an edge with the paying customers thanks to his beautiful singing voice. After Morton took the first turn at the keyboard, he moved to a seat beside the piano, ceding the bench to Jackson. Then, at odd intervals throughout his rival's performance, Morton whispered, quietly as was possible, "You can't sing now... you can't sing now..."

Guess who won.

They can't impeach now . . .
Both Bill and Al seem to be enjoying a very interesting position: having a bully pulpit from which to speak without having to worry about the electoral or professional consequences. They don't have to be afraid anymore, and damned if it isn't showing.

(Kinda reminds you of the "I'm not a journalist, I have a real job, so I don't give a rat's ass whether the media and the punditry like me or not" Gamma Girl Krugman, don't it?)

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