Friday, February 09, 2007

You Know When Something Has Become Disastrous?

When it provokes something like THIS. My God, I thought skippy was pissed. Maryscott O'Connor has torn a strip off Kos that will almost certainly NEVER heal. Among other things, she points out something that guys like Kos and Atrios (and their defenders) often miss; that the traffic from their blogrolls that they see as miniscule is actually vitally important to other, smaller sites in order to introduce new readers.

Clearly, there is no "Amnesty" here. There wasn't ever going to be. It was a fantasy or an excuse, but it never truly existed.

Me, I just have one question: why? Were I Atrios, at this point, I'd toss the whole kit 'n caboodle back up and simply divide them between "current reads" and "old friends" or the like. Ditto with Kos. No matter how you feel about "community building"...

(and if Kos thinks that not building a progressive community online is important as Maryscott implies, He. Is. Insane.) have to at least realize that making progressive enemies for reasons that are utterly foolish and facile is unbelievably bad PR.

And, in many respects, the same goes double for Duncan/Atrios, who doesn't do all that single-site community building stuff on his blog that is still, at its core, the same Blogspot blog that it ever was. He can't pretend that he's building this giant Myspace-style community like Kos is, those 400 page long comments threads notwithstanding. Why did he even bother with this?

More importantly, barring a kind of wounded stubbornness that is unseemly in adults, why continue it?

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