Saturday, February 10, 2007

Another question you should be asking...

I love Digby. Don't get me wrong. He's Edit: she, apparently, my mistake one of the best bloggers out there, and has been since he flew solo on his site. She deserves every hit he gets. I'm exceedingly proud that I'm as well-placed on her blogroll as I am, and try to comment on her site when I can.

That said, why is she on Kos' blogroll, when skippy isn't? Both are outspoken mid- to long-length pseudonymous web diarists. Both started around the same time, and neither are resolutely campaign-focused (which is what Kos was supposed to be all about with that blogroll, right?)

I'm not saying Kos should delink Digby (nor would I EVER,), but inquiring minds...

edit: I'd never actually asked about digby's gender- figured it was male from the male pseudonym. Error corrected, and if you see old posts that say "he", just chalk it up to the failure of standpoint feminism.

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