Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Post!

Not planning on going over it overmuch, but I do have to compliment (what the hell) President-Elect Gore and Mr. Guggenheim on their victory, and Forrest Whitaker for finally getting the recognition he has so richly deserved.

(Even if he didn't get that well-deserved Emmy for his turn on The Shield.)

Ditto for Scorsese and his wins for The Departed.

As for the Gore presidential thing... I personally think it's far, far less likely today than it was on Saturday. Honestly, since that would have been the best venue to announce, I suspect that he's not going to. I would like to be wrong on that, as I still think he would be an excellent candidate and a likely winner, but it feels like the Dem powers-that-be still can't get over the idea that everybody is to blame for electoral failures but themselves.

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